Ready-to-Shop Checklist

Finding the perfect oriental rug can be a daunting challenge. Trust us, we know. We’ve been helping people find the perfect rugs and furniture since 1960. We not only specialize in making your home beautiful, but we also share your experiences when we work on our own homes. These experiences over time have allowed us to develop a method that simplifies the search process.

With so many rugs out there, the search is almost as much of a process of elimination as it is a journey to find a rug that knocks you off your feet. Our professional staff is trained in the art of asking questions. We use the answers to these questions to narrow down our extensive inventory to only the rugs that fit you needs and wants. So we have created a checklist that will help both you and us find the perfect rug for your home.

The first thing we need to know is what type of room the rug will be going in. Living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and baths all have different requirements as far as size and durability, so let us know the specific type of room you are shopping for. For example, a kitchen or bathroom rug needs to be durable and should be dense enough to be able to handle getting damp fairly often. Dining room rugs need to be large enough to accommodate chairs as they are pushed back from the table and should be durable enough to withstand the legs from the chairs constantly being moved across the pile.

The second thing we need to know is an approximate size that you need. Not all rugs come in different sizes, and most dealers have their inventory grouped by size.  Some rough dimensions of the room and a rough estimate of the area that you wish to cover are helpful. You may also want to bring photos of the room to help us visualize the space if they are available. Knowing a general size range will narrow down a large inventory dramatically.

The third part of the checklist is color. Color is one of the most challenging parts of the search process. They key here is to let us know what colors you have that are not going to change in the room. Wall and paint colors, fabric colors, accents… all of these can be very useful, especially if you can bring photos! Just remember to keep an open mind when it comes to color. Our staff consists of trained, professional interior designers. It is often that we have a client that tells us that they do not want a specific color in a rugs and are then delighted to find the perfect rug that is dominantly that color! Most rug dealers will allow you to take a rug on trial anyway, so keep an open mind and be willing to try something new.

Part four is pattern. Pattern is one of the main reasons that we employ a staff of interior designers. Many of our clients are afraid of mixing and matching patterns… and rightfully so. It is very easy to mix patterns that overwhelm the eyes and make visitors to the room beg for mercy. The trick is to vary the sizes and shapes of the motifs within the pattern and to break up the space with textures or areas with no pattern. Again, bringing pictures or samples of your patterns will help our designers find exactly what you are searching for.

Part five is perhaps the toughest, because generally, we will not ask you about it: Price Range. Do some research before coming in to get an idea of a price range that you are comfortable with. Our store offers no hassle everyday low pricing. We do not haggle or play games with our prices and every rug is clearly marked with all information including the current pricing. Having a realistic idea of your comfortable price can help us narrow down the inventory; otherwise, we will show you all rugs that meet your other wants and needs. You can use our website to get a good idea of our price ranges for different sizes, constructions, and styles.

You may have noticed that there are a few points that we have not touched on such as antique rugs, or construction types. If you are looking for a very specific type of rug, or are a collector, let us know. Otherwise, simply keep an open mind and focus on finding a selection of rugs that you love, and then narrow them down by their individual merits.