Choosing Your Oriental Rug Dealer

One of the most important steps in finding your perfect oriental rug is deciding where to look. Here is a short guide to help you know what to look for when choosing your rug source.


Don’t be afraid to ask around about experiences with your selected rug dealers. A business that has been around for a long time has likely survived for a reason, usually excellent customer service. Decide where you are comfortable doing business. Look for established firms that rely on repeat business for their success.

Broad Selection

An oriental rug source that carries a wide selection of rugs has a better chance of locating the perfect rug for you. Stores that specialize in oriental rugs and have a wide selection of styles, qualities and prices are a great place to start. The dealer should have all of the different size categories and should carry products from different countries. This will also allow you to see different rug types and styles that you may not have previously been aware of.

Prominent Information & Pricing

A reputable oriental rug dealer will conform to ORRA (Oriental Rug Retailer Association) standards and codes for business practices. These standards require specific display techniques and that specific information must be displayed on the rugs at all times. This information includes: rug id#, size, country of origin, design, content material, construction type, and price.

No-Hassle Approval Period

Choosing an oriental rug, while not difficult, can sometimes take a couple of tries before getting it perfect. A reputable oriental rug dealer allows you to try the rug on approval before buying the piece. The dealer will likely ask for a credit card or a small deposit in order for you to take the rug home, but will not charge you at all if the rug does not work. The dealer should display this policy and should have the policy placed in writing on a customer’s invoice. If a dealer does not display this policy, make sure that you ask to try the rug before making a purchasing decision.

Return Policy

Another policy that a reputable oriental rug dealer will both display and put into writing is a return policy. As with any retail business, most dealers will allow you to return a rug within three days for a full refund. This policy does not usually include custom ordered items.

Trade-In Policy

Due to the construction and artistic nature of oriental rugs, most pieces will increase in value with both use and age. Many oriental rug stores participate in trade-in programs or will offer to “buy back” your rug at a reduced price. Factors such as rug damage or cleaning and repair will often devalue a traded-in rug. The most important part of a trade-in policy is that it is placed in writing and that a copy of the written policy is made available to all customers.

Cleaning & Repair Services

Why buy a product if the dealer cannot help you to maintain it? A reputable oriental rug dealer will not only offer these services, but will often remind when your cleaning and repair service are past due and will offer you a returning customer discount.

In-Home Services

Don’t be afraid to ask your rug expert to come to your home to help you with rug selections, suggestions, or in home setup and delivery. Most rug dealers will designate a geographical region in which deliveries and setup is free. Many will even bring on approval rugs to your home and then later pick up the ones that you did not keep.

Things to Avoid

As with all retail businesses, there will be those who take part in unfair or deceptive practices. Here is a list of things to avoid:

Fire Sales, Going out of Business Sales, Emergency Liquidation- in most cases these involve raising the price of the rugs in order to offer a heavy discount. We have found that in many cases the heavily discounted price is actually higher than the everyday retail prices of these stores.

Hotel auctions, estate sales, etc. - The main danger here is that all sales are final, and once the auction has ended you have no ability to find the dealer or auctioneer if you have problems. Many states do not prosecute auctioneers or simply do not choose to, and descriptions of oriental rugs are not only deceptive, but are often completely wrong.

Pressure Sales - Simply put, do not buy anything from anyone who is pressuring you to buy.

Hidden Prices - Any store that does not follow ORRA standards and will not display their selling price on their rugs is either pricing so high that sticker shock scares customers out the door, or is giving different prices to customer as they qualify their incomes.

Certificates of Authenticity - Pretty to look at but have very little purpose in most cases. Every genuine hand-knotted carpet you purchase should come with some sort of document that lists the origin of the rug, quality, size, approximate age, date of purchase, your address, and the selling price. This will usually come in the form of your receipt or invoice. Certificates of Authenticity are a dealer’s way of placing a false inflated value in your head. These certificates are not accepted by any insurer and have no legal value whatsoever.

Here are just a few of the policies that we adhere to and place in writing at Lexington Oriental Rugs:

100% Trade-In Policy

Once you have purchased a rug, you can return it, for any reason at any time in your life for 100% of your purchase price in store credit. To be valid, the rug may not be cut, burned, stained, or have fringe damage. Cleaning and repair fees may be deducted from 
your credit at the time of your trade-in. The rug must have been professionally cleaned by our service at least once every two years to validate the trade-in policy. Trade-in store credit may only be used toward the purchase of an in-stock rug and may not be applied to furniture purchases. Custom orders will be reviewed for trade-in on a case by case basis.

Try-Before-You-Buy On Approval Policy

You can take any rug home for a "test drive." Our on approval trial period allows you to borrow the rug without purchasing it. This allows you to see the piece in you own decor, making your decision to purchase easier. A credit card number is required for in-state customers, out of state customers require a 100% deposit, which will be refunded if the rug is not kept. Any rugs not returned after 7 days will results in the credit card with the account being charged.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We promise that rug for rug, quality for quality, we will not be undersold. We guarantee that we will give you the lowest price or we will beat any competitors advertised price by at least 10%. At Lexington Oriental Rugs we take pride in providing only the finest rugs at the lowest possible prices, so buy with confidence knowing that we stand behind our claim of better value... every day.

Cleaning & Repair

Lexington Oriental Rugs employs an expert staff to perform cleaning and repair services for our clients. All service are completed by hand without the use of machines or chemicals. See store manager for quotes and details.